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Same Sex Wedding Photography Hoghton Tower | Phil & Jason

gay-wedding-at-hoghton-tower-stanburyphotoWedding Photography Hoghton Tower | Phil + Jason

Every now and then you get a feeling that a wedding is going to be off the scale epic and you know what? Jason & Phil’s wedding was that and much more and Hoghton Tower with its stunning views over the Lancashire countryside was the perfect setting for this performance.

Jason is an awesome choreographer & Phil a brilliant actor add to that they are both theatre mad even regularly travelling the world to watch their favourite plays and musicals, now do you see what i did earlier 😉

The Wedding of Phil & Jason at Hoghton Tower: Act One

Yes this blog post is going to be theatrical so lets stay in character as the wedding day was always going to flamboyant, colourful and full of excitement but the show starts with our two stars very relaxed and calm but with a little stage fright as you would expect on such a big day.

Walking up the aisle hand in hand with the biggest smiles and wearing their bespoke suits Jason & Phil, during an emotional ceremony, said ‘I Do’ in front of family and friends and after a few happy tears they left to huge applause and a standing ovation.

Act Two.

Its plain to see that not only do the new Mr & Mr Harrison love each other but they are also much loved the atmosphere all day was wonderful and it was a joy to spend a few moments in the gardens documenting that love that they have for each other.

You dont have to be an Agatha Christie character to see the wedding theme was Theatre land as all the tables where named after their favourite plays & musicals all topped off by a perfect performance of the speeches that had everyone in laughter as we prepared for the big finale.

So pour a glass of champagne (obviously) sit comfortably and let the show begin….

hoghton-tower-exclusive-venue-stanbury-photo grooms-getting-ready-stanbury-photography grooms-getting-ready-stanbury-photography grooms-getting-ready-stanbury-photography grooms-getting-ready-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography grooms-arrive-same-sex-wedding-stanbury-photo same-sex-wedding-ceremony-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-ceremony-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-ceremony-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-rings-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-kiss-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-kiss-hoghton-tower wedding-celebrations-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography wedding-celebrations-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography wedding-celebrations-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-same-sex-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-same-sex-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-same-sex-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-same-sex-wedding-photographers-stanbury-photography hoghton-tower-theatre-wedding-photographers-stanbury hoghton-tower-theatre-wedding-photographers-stanbury hoghton-tower-theatre-wedding-photographers-stanbury same-sex-wedding-speeches-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-speeches-hoghton-tower same-sex-wedding-speeches-hoghton-tower gay-wedding-at-hoghton-tower-stanburyphoto gay-wedding-at-hoghton-tower-stanburyphoto gay-wedding-at-hoghton-tower-stanburyphoto gay-wedding-at-hoghton-tower-stanburyphoto best-first-dance-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography best-first-dance-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography best-first-dance-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography best-first-dance-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography love-weddings-at-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography love-weddings-at-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography love-weddings-at-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography love-weddings-at-hoghton-tower-stanbury-photography

Jason & Phil’s Hoghton Tower Wedding: Finale

The evening celebrations certainly didnt disappoint as the champagne flowed, well it literally sprayed, the lights went down and Phil & Jason began their first dance that was a cross section of dance, drama, theatre well it was just them and it was brilliant!!!

To say the dance floor was full was an understatment, their guests knew how to party and boy did they party and even though not everyone has the dance moves of Jason the party like the whole wedding day was epic.

Same Sex Wedding Photography – Stanbury Photography

We are so honoured that Jason & Phil chose us as their same sex Wedding Photographers  as their wedding was everything we hoped for and more and we loved every minute of it from the wonderful atmosphere, the awesome suits to the best first dance ever.

Want to find out more about our relaxed same sex wedding photography Hoghton Tower style please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as we would love to chat about capturing your special wedding memories.

David & Jane xx

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