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Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photography


Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photography by Stanbury Photography

Cheshire Wedding at Nunsmere Hall

In the heart of Delamere forrest surrounded by gorgeous woods and Lake stands the exclusive cheshire country house wedding venue Nunsmere Hall, with its gardens and architecture you can see why David & Lottie instantly fell in love with it for their wedding day.

The morning of the wedding Lottie and her Bridesmaids where full of excitement and as her nervous Father walked in to see her in her dress they both shared a pre wedding shot, a new ritual that i feel every father & daughter should do to get rid of the nerves

Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photography

Lottie and David’s wedding was always going to be a fun affair but there where a few unexpected tears during the ceremony but as the newly weds walked down the aisle it was back into party mode and spending quality time with their family & friends

The wedding celebrations continued as David, Lottie & the whole top table entered the stunningly decorated marquee dancing and jumping to the upbeat entrance music followed by great speeches and an amazing light and smoke show first dance preceded a packed dance floor.

We love capturing fun moments at weddings with our cameras and there where so many moments, from shots in the morning, walking down the aisle in style to amazing lighting and a mannequin from Lottie’s designer days on the dance floor this wedding had it all, heres a few of our faves from their day. Enjoy. D&J xx

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Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photographers

As documentary wedding photographers David & Lottie where a joy to photograph, they just love being with each other and are such social people and so where their guests and for us thats the secret to a great wedding atmosphere. There was always something fun happening and everybody wanted their day to be the best day and do you know what? it was.

We loved all the finishing touches that had so many hours put into and for those keen eyed amongst you… Lotties change of wedding dress for the evening party, well shouldn’t every bride have more than one dress 😉

Award Winning Wedding Photographers – Stanbury Photography

We are so honoured that David & Lottie chose us as their Nunsmere Hall Wedding Photographers. We love that these photographs really show their style, personality but most of all the love these guys have for each other.

To find out more about our relaxed photography style check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. We would love to chat about capturing your special wedding memories.

David & Jane xx

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