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Best London and Cheshire Wedding Photographer | The Stanburys

Where do you start, well they say opposites attract and we are living proof of this....

Jane is a massive Elvis fan and David loves indie music, Jane loves Harley Davidson motorbikes and David loves Lambrettas, Jane before photography was a time served mechanic and David..... well lets say he wasnt.

We first met at school and have 3 children who have been well & truly photographed, after photography our other love is traveling; especially to experience different cultures & cuisines around the world but love nothing more than a chippy tea.
Our photography business started 25 years ago out of our love for photography & the perfect image, but over the years our need to be creative, to tell stories with our cameras grew so much that the business turned into what it is today..... our life!

Best London and Cheshire Wedding Photographer | The Stanburys

We have been so privileged to have photographed nearly 1400 weddings to date and have many wonderful memories, in fact the best bit of our amazing job is the laughter we hear & the friends we make, we have also been blessed to have witnessed couples say 'I do' in some of the most stunning locations, from ceremonies on the side of a mountain in the French alps to a beach in Sri Lanka.
Its also an honour to have collected many awards & qualifications, most importantly being one of a small group of photographers holding a triple Fellowship qualification & at the National Photography Awards receiving the honour of UK Wedding Photographer of the Year & UK Best Wedding Album of the Year but its still telling the story with our cameras of when two peoples lives change forever that makes the hairs stand up and puts a smile on our faces. D&J xx

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