You got questions??

We know you are going to have questions; so heres a few common questions we get asked about us, our photography, and our services.

Anything else? just ask us.

Photography Q&A

• Whats your style of photography

We are best known as photography storytellers so approx 80% of the photos taken on the day you shouldn't know have been taken, the rest are family and those all important WOW shots.

• Why 2 photographers?

Simple, better coverage.Jane photographs the bride getting ready & David the Groom & arrivals. Jane arrives with the bride and shoots the candid & detail shots during the day and David deals with any family photos. During speeches Jane gets the shots of the speaker and David the reactions, so at the end of the shoot the full story of the day is documented.

• Do you do family group photos?

Yes, and the choice & how many is yours. For us these are so important as to us family is important and our wedding books are created to be family heirlooms and enjoyed by future generations.

• I hate posing for photos?

Hey, we hate posing for pictures too! all we do is find you the nice locations, the perfect light and make sure you look amazing.

• Can I mix your photo collections?

Our photography collections are priced as a guide but you can add or take away to suit your style & budget. No two couples are the same & every wedding is different, Just ask.

• How long until we see our images?

We know you will be excited to see your photos so we aim to have your images ready in 2 to 3 weeks at the latest.

• How do we see our photos?

We invite you and close family to join us for a glass of fizz in our cinema room to view your photos on our large screen to music and relive all those special moments. Be warned though, viewings do get emotional x

• Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with professional indemnity & public liability insurance, also for your peace of mind we are also fully qualified (see our awards page for more info)

• How do we book you?

Its always best to contact us to arrange a no obligation Skype call or meeting at our studio to get to know each other. To secure the day all we require are the wedding details & a small booking deposit.

• How far ahead should we book?

We only shoot 25 weddings a year so we get booked ridiculously early, sometimes up to 2 or 3 years in advance. Best advice, if you like us and our photography then why wait, after all you dont want second best on the best day of your life.